230: Wellness for Small Businesses with Nikki Reynolds, Wellness Specialist at ePlus Inc.


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In the last decade, the wellness industry has been on a steady rise. With 80% of large companies and 50% of small companies implementing wellness programs, wellness isn’t just a consideration for big businesses anymore.

Today’s guest, Nikki Reynolds, Wellness Specialist at ePlus, believes that small businesses can actually provide the best environment for wellness program success.

In this episode, Nikki explains her somewhat unorthodox start with SMP and how she went about building a wellness program for a business of fewer than 50 employees.

Nikki shares some of her challenges as well as her proudest moments, as well as the philosophy she’s held while pivoting through COVID. Finally, she offers tangible tips to professionals making a pitch and to small business owners unsure of buying into wellness.

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