Guest: Kevin Feige Talks Spider-Man & The Future of Marvel Studios


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Kevin Feige Talks Spider-Man & The Future of Marvel Studios

The King's Man, the upcoming prequel in the Kingsman franchise from Matthew Vaughn, dropped a trailer this week, Sean O'Connell, Jake Hamilton and Kevin McCarthy give their reactions, and set expectation for what looks to be a bit of a departure from the usually gadget-heavy franchise. News of Damien Chazelle's next project, Babylon, surfaced. No, it's apparently not a musical, but Emma Stone and Brad Pitt are circling to star, according to Deadline.

As they look ahead to what's coming at San Diego Comic-Con this week, it's no better time to introduce our special guest, Kevin Feige onto the show. He sat down with Sean at the Spider-Man: Far From Home junket to discuss Spidey's latest outing, and touch on the MCU at large.

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