Be Strong in God’s Power

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Ephesians 6:10-20

Imagine a bride walking down the aisle in faded and torn sweats. When the groom takes her hand, he whispers, “Where’s your dress?” Her response? She simply forgot to wear it. We know that wouldn’t happen, because a bride’s most important garment is her wedding dress.

As Christians, our most important tools are the pieces of armor God has given us. It’s just as crazy for us to enter the daily battlefield of life without our godly armor as it would be for a bride to attend her wedding without her gown.

The apostle Paul reveals that we’re not fighting against flesh and blood but against supernatural powers. We can be grateful that God, our Commander, has equipped us with the perfect arsenal.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to fit us with the belt, helmet, breastplate, shield, sword, and to prepare our feet, we’re ready to exercise His power against the evil one. Like a bride who carefully adorns her dress, let us meticulously clothe ourselves with the armor of God.

Author: Susie Shellenberger

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