Interview with Koky Saly, founder of social enterprises Baby Tree Projects and the BeeKeeper Parade


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Today we had the great pleasure of speaking to Koky Saly. Koky was born in prison during Cambodia’s civil war in the 1970s, and escaped with his family as refugees to Australia when he was 3 years old. Koky spoke about how his mother passed on to him the steady belief in the kindness that dwells in each and every human being. Koky’s sister and best friend Sophia Saly passed away from cancer in 2012. He spoke about the courage with which she faced death, and how that has inspired him to live a fearless life. They shared the dream of creating a social enterprise to fund schools and protect the world’s environment. In her will Sophia left Koky her car and requested that he used the proceeds to create a business that would inspire change - that’s how BeeKeeper was born. Check out their website here,, and keep an eye out for their pop up shop at Melbourne Central, opposite Kikki.

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