Refugee Radio - Glenn Fernandez, ASRC's Entrepreneurs Program Coordinator


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The ASRC Entrepreneurs Program builds on the patience and resilience of refugees and people seeking asylum to help them build the skills to become successful entrepreneurs, or create their own small business. The participants are provided with a personalized program with access to business coaching, industry specialists, business services, funding and networks so they can decide whether the entrepreneurial path is right for them and if so, start the path to making their business dream a reality. "Interestingly, we are dealing with a community who really embrace risk, you look at the journey they have taken, to leave their country, to get on a boat, get on a plane.....the risk appetite is quite high, which can be a good or bad thing, but generally good. We know that in new arrivals, immigrants, refugees, people seeking asylum, there is generally a higher ratio of people going into business, it's roughly three times the size of normal mainstream, about 30% give or take. The ability to takes risks, bounce back from failure. In small business, you've got to be resilient to failure, pick yourself up, try something else, and have persistence. All of those attributes are synonymous with the community we work with. "

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