How to Make Passive Income with Kindle Publishing on Amazon in 2019 [PIK 7/10]


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How does kindle publishing work? In this tutorial, you will see how to dominate amazon kindle publishing the RIGHT WAY. Even if you're a complete beginner to ebook publishing. ▸ FREE COURSE: Passive Income Kingdom |


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In this video, I'll walk you step by step how I became a best-selling Amazon Kindle author without even trying. The best part of this is that back in college there was a teacher who said I had written the worst paper she’s read. Flash forward two years and I have a best-selling tech/social media marketing book on the Amazon Kindle store. What changed? I started thinking of books as assets and forms of passive income, not works of literature. Remember, it says BESTSELLING author, not BEST WRITTEN author. You don't even have to write these books yourself. In this tutorial, I will show you how to outsource your writing, cover design, and uploading for around $50.

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