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Relatable Leader is produced to benefit the following listener groups: 1. People employed by organizations in which they hold a leadership position, or those who have been identified as potential leaders. This is one of the main participant groups attending my face-to-face trainings. 2. People aspiring to build careers as professional trainers and who want real-life insight into what that career might look like. These people frequently reach out to me to learn how I became a trainer and the introduction episode answers that question in broad strokes. Also in this category are those already in training roles seeking support and a virtual peer group. 3. Another participant group who benefits significantly from my trainings are front line workers who are striving to reach their highest potential. They aren't wanting to take on leadership roles, but they are on board with my motto, "You don't have to be the leader to lead." This podcast will provide you with insights into the topics I'm training, the challenges my clients face, the coaching I offer to overcome those challenges, and an overall view of one trainer's career. This is no fast formula or quick step to success. If you are looking for a 3-month, 10 step program to a six-figure income, this is NOT the podcast for you, because that's not the life I'm living. This IS your behind the scenes access to coaching that supports your success in a leadership position. Connect with Catherine: Twitter: Catherine Goggia @goggia Catherine Goggia Business Person on fb My book on Amazon for college student success: From Average Student to Academic Rock Star!

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