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This week’s #QueerRelationshipGoals hail from Saint Paul, Minnesota. See Shane and Taylor (@barleysboys) in all their flannel glory. You are going to love their picturesque relationship. Then, Marko and Tony sit down to talk about finances. What does it mean when one partner earns more than the other? Is splitting bills 50/50 the only way to manage a household? You might be surprised to find out the answer. Finally, the guys are joined at the Virtual Critable by former #QRGs Coach Dee (@deetoxlifecoaching) and Elle (@gfbudget), the amazing power couple @dee_n_elle. Hear about the ladies’ origin story and their amazing success. You won’t want to miss this episode! And don’t forget to purchase Dee’s Book “Coach Dee’s Playbook”.


  1. Stephanie O’Connell: How to Feel Financially Equal (Even When You Are Not)
  2. Kinda Frugal: Should Relationships Be 50/50 Financially?

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