Death on the Nile - All these outfits had us gay-gasping


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All aboard the S.S. Karnak as we venture down the Nile with Rolando and Nicole. But something foul is afoot: Murder. But even worse, according to Nicole, inaccurate depictions of mustached detectives!

This week is all about 1974's Death on the Nile starring Peter Ustinov, Bette Davis, Mia Farrow, and Angela Lansbury (to name a few). The film, a follow up to Murder on the Orient Express, loses Albert Finney for a new Poirot. How does this actor compare? And how does the film handle the Egyptian setting? And what exactly was the tone of the film?

Then they turn their attentions to 2022's scandal-ridden Death on the Nile, which sees Kenneth Branagh return as both actor and director. How does the film compare to the 1974 adaptation? And how faithful is this film to the source material? And does it even matter?

Plus, Nicole and Rolando get into it about the future of the cinematic experience. Are movies still worth the price of going out to the theaters? Listen to find out.


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