Cheaper by the Dozen - 12 kids? In this economy?


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How many kids is too many for one household? Rolando and Nicole debate the question whilst debating "Cheaper by the Dozen."

A 1950-film based on an autobiography kicks off a franchise that would spawn two remakes. But, how can 2003's Cheaper by the Dozen be considered a remake if the only concept carried over is a family having 12 kids? And, how can a film 33 years its junior feel more dated than a film from 1950 set in the 1920s?

Then, they turn their attention on the next dozen children in Disney Plus's new original, "Cheaper by the Dozen." The film changes the formula by creating a mixed-family and using identity politics to tell a fresh new story. But does it succeed or does it feel like it's trying too hard? Listen to find out.


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