Queer as Folk - ”A Net Positive for the Queer Representation” featuring Mike and Kyle of GAYISH


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Remakes Reboots & Revivals is wrapping up Pride 2022 talking about "Queer as Folk."

Unfortunately, Nicole is away on business but do not fret; Rolando is joined by Eddie Z and the hosts of Gayish, Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz. The four discuss the history of the three shows: the 1999 British original, the 2000 Showtime remake, and 2022's Peacock original. Originally met with backlash by conservatives and gay audiences, the shows would go on to become beloved yet flawed depictions of a gay culture never seen on television before.

What are our feelings of the shows' topics that include promiscuity and drug use? How does 2022's version differ from the original two shows? And are the shows a positive representation the queer community? Listen to find out.

About Gayish

Gayish is an independent podcast where Mike and Kyle talk about a different gay stereotype each weekly episode, from the hanky code and handjobs to breakups and depression. A five-time nominee for Best LGBTQ Podcast by the People's Choice Podcast Awards, Gayish has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Esquire, BuzzFeed, and others.

Kyle Getz (he/they) is a podcaster, writer, and filmmaker. In addition to being a host of Gayish, his poetry chapbook, “gays don’t poop,” was published by giallo in 2021, and he released a documentary chronicling his intimate struggles with depression and self-harm.

Mike Johnson (he/him) is a podcaster, musician, and software engineer. In his spare time he volunteers for his fraternity, is a board game fanatic, and loves all things Star Trek.

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