Re-Making Magic Episode 09


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Join Reuben Covington and Dan Felder for the ninth episode of Re-Making Magic, the podcast about game design and custom magic cards.

In this episode:

  • Talk about creating junk limited cards that are not offensive
  • Critique the cards from our listeners
  • Discuss listening to a playlist while designing
  • Writing articles to consolidate or improve your design knowledge
  • Talk about the "Designing in Threes" technique.
  • Explain "Mental Playtesting"
  • Community spotlight: 8 Lessons for newbie magic designers

You can give us feedback and discuss the episode on the MTGsalvation discussion thread

Contact details:

Reuben CovingtonTwitter: @reubencovingtonEmail: reubencovington@gmail.comMTGsalvation Account: Doombringer

Dan FelderEmail: minimallyexceptional@gmail.comMTGsalvation Account: Stairc

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