Are You Ready?


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Thank you for listening to Remodeling Mastery! Become one of the 40,000 listeners by subscribing today at or by searching for Remodeling Mastery on your podcast app of choice. In 2019, Mark G. Richardson takes his popular podcast series to the next level with a fresh new format in store for listeners. Mark will be integrating interviews with thought leaders who have experienced tremendous success in the industry and growing their own businesses to share snippets of wisdom to help you achieve the same. Additionally, Mark is bringing in some experts to share key indicators that they're seeing out there in the marketplace that could have a monumental impact on your business. In this episode… (0:23) The theme of this episode is: Are You Ready. It's all about how you get into 2019. One of the interesting things about 2019 and New Year’s, in particular, is that 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail. They don't fail because they're stupid ideas or for a lack of trying. As Mark thinks about the topic of "Are You Ready", he breaks this concept down into 3 key factors: 1) Taking inventory of the past, 2) Plan and 3) Launch. The likelihood of success is going to be so much greater if you can accomplish these 3 things. "If you don’t act fast, you’re not going to come out of the gate as strong.” - Mark G. Richardson (12:47) Listen to an interview with Kermit Baker, Chief Economist for the AIA and heads the Harvard’s Remodeling Futures Program in this new segment coined “What’s Happening?” Kermit and Mark take a look back at 2018 by reviewing economic conditions and why the industry is in a strong spot that has led homeowners to feel confident investing in home improvement projects. “2018 has been a good solid year for home improvement activity. We estimate we’ll see 7.5% to 8% growth.” - Kermit Baker (18:30) Check out a new interview with Brian Gottlieb, Founder & President of Tundraland - a remodeling organization based in Wisconsin. Their conversation touches on Brian’s journey and experiences, starting with Tundraland’s beginnings and how he got out of the gate and fast forwards to where he is today. Brian shares a few keys to success and how to take your business to the next level and then really explode it. “Find positive people who are growth focus and believe they can accomplish something fantastic and hang out with them.” - Brian Gottlieb “When we look inside ourselves to find out who are we, who are we really, and we apply those principles, that’s when nobody can compete with us and that’s how we built an enormous business.” - Brian Gottlieb

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