Do You Scream Value?


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Thank you for listening to Remodeling Mastery! Become one of the 45,000 listeners by subscribing today at or by searching for Remodeling Mastery on your podcast app of choice. (0:30) In This Episode: Do You Scream Value? One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is to assume everyone sees the value in you and your product or service. You may offer value, but are you actually communicating it to your customer? Ultimately, it is the perception of value that opens doors to brand recognition, stronger sales and customer loyalty. That’s why it’s more important than ever that your business screams value. In this episode, Mark offers a seven-point checklist that will help you do just that. “People buy when the value is greater than the price.” —Sales Adage (14:34) What’s Happening? with Kermit Baker, Chief Economist for the American Institute of Architects and Project Director of the Remodeling Futures Program at Harvard University Kermit is back with an update on the pulse of the remodeling industry. Right now, his “crystal ball” is showing headwinds ahead in the form of labor shortages and rising interest rates, wages and material prices. Tune in to to hear his tips on maintaining forward momentum while navigating current market conditions. (21:42) Thought Leader Interview with Chris Marentis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Surefire Local Mark puts the spotlight on our very own Chris Marentis, who shares his success story along with key insights into digital marketing for remodeling contractors. How can a very high-touch business adapt to an increasingly online world? What baby steps should remodelers be taking to keep up with all the disruptions to the search landscape? This is one segment you don’t want to miss!

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