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Thank you for listening to Remodeling Mastery! Become one of our 50,000 listeners by subscribing today—just search for ‘Remodeling Mastery’ on your podcast app of choice. (0:27) In This Episode: Google Insights Google’s access to millions of American homeowners gives them unparalleled insight into who your consumers are, what they do, what they care about and how things are changing. If you’re a builder or remodeler looking to attract more and better-quality leads, they are a resource you can’t afford to ignore. In this episode of Remodeling Mastery, Mark goes over five Google insights that should inform your messaging, your marketing focus, and even your product or service offerings. (17:16) Thought Leader Interview with Larry Green, CEO and Co-founder of System Pavers Larry’s story as a business owner is one of resilience and adaptability. Having started two home improvement companies and carried each through major economic recessions on both sides of the Atlantic, he has a unique understanding of what it takes for a business to survive the worst. Tune in as he and Mark discuss the value of taking action, making tough decisions, having a Plan B, and more. “You have to have a system of processes to be successful… Trying to scale anything without good systems in place guarantees failure.” —Larry Green

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