Softening in the Market


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Thank you for listening to Remodeling Mastery! Become one of our 50,000 listeners by subscribing today—just search for ‘Remodeling Mastery’ on your podcast app of choice. (1:05) In This Episode: Softening in the Market Preparation is key to the success of every business. We've experienced 10 years of growth in the remodeling industry, so it's only sensible to start preparing for an eventual softening of the market. In this episode of Remodeling Mastery, Mark gives suggestions and insights that will help you prepare for a softer market. Tune in to learn 7 tips that will help increase the resilience of your business. (12:59) Thought Leader Interview with Anthony Mathews, Transitions Expert Do you have a plan for an exit or transition out of your business? If not, then Employee Stock Ownership Plans or ESOPs might be the answer to this problem. When you own a productive asset like a business, one of the principal ways that it changes ownership is through inheritance. However, this family transition is becoming less common. Join Mark and Anthony as they discuss how ESOPs can be a good option for business owners who have reached the end of their career. “Something that I'm really concerned about, as an advisor to businesses, is the number of businesses, especially small to mid-sized ones, that I see where the intent is just to liquidate the company... That for me is very troubling because it means that not only are we losing a productive asset from our culture but we're losing jobs, we're losing a tax base...One of the things that we've been working a lot with was this notion of letting companies continue but in the form of an employee-owned venture.” —Anthony Mathews Subscribe to Remodeling Mastery: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | Stitcher In 2019, Mark G. Richardson is taking his popular podcast series to the next level with a fresh new format in store for listeners. Mark will be integrating interviews with thought leaders who have experienced tremendous success in the industry and growing their own businesses to share snippets of wisdom to help you achieve the same. Additionally, Mark is bringing in some experts to share key indicators that they’re seeing out there in the marketplace that could have a monumental impact on your business.

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