Thought Leader Interview with Brian Gottlieb


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Thank you for listening to Remodeling Mastery! Become one of our 50,000 listeners by subscribing today—just search for ‘Remodeling Mastery’ on your podcast app of choice. In this episode... (1:18) In This Episode: Transparency It’s a quality two-thirds of homeowners look for when researching remodelers, but one many contractors are uncomfortable demonstrating. With customers demanding that transparency be the norm in business, and companies feeling forced to give away their secret sauce, can we find a middle ground that satisfies and delivers value to both? In this episode of Remodeling Mastery, Mark explains the ins and outs of disclosing some information traditionally kept private—think pricing structures, internal processes and profit margins—and why meeting homeowners’ expectations of transparency is to everyone’s ultimate benefit. (12:28) Thought Leader Interview with Brian Gottlieb, CEO of Tundraland Home Improvements If anyone deserves to be called a thought leader, Brian Gottlieb is it. It takes a special kind of thinking to be able to start a business in the middle of the Great Recession and then grow it into a brand with an almost unheard-of conservative goal of $50 million. In this riveting interview, Mark and Brian talk about the value of hanging out with other growth-focused individuals, how genuine community service builds business, Tundraland’s out-of-left-field approach to solving a communication crisis, and more. Stick around; you’re in for a treat! “When the conversation of competition comes up, we don’t pay much attention to it—because if our competition wants to copy our performance, they first have to copy what goes on inside of our people’s heads.” —Brian Gottlieb

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