Who Will Fire You? & Thought Leader Interview with Vince Nardo


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(1:37) In This Episode: Who Will Fire You? It's critical that as you and your business mature, you start thinking about the next steps: the transitions in your business. These transitions need to be thought about well in advance. In this episode of Remodeling Mastery, Mark will discuss how you can create these transitions and provide you with 6 useful tips. You can't move forward unless you design the person who will push you forward. (13:24) Thought Leader Interview with Vince Nardo, President of Reborn Vince Nardo is the President of Reborn. He grew his father's small business into a company with 7 locations in California and Nevada and about 500 employees. Join Vince and Mark as they discuss the importance of looking at your business in an analytical and systematic way. He also shares insights on how constantly challenging himself has led his business into success and explains why you should hire for where you want to be rather than hiring for what you need today. "It's sad to say but we don't really focus on the product we do because the product we do is already great. We focus on the systems that we need to have in order to make the product work. And that's what we really really work on every single day." —Vince Nardo

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