Reimagined Rails views using Matestack with Jonas Jabari


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[00:00:48] The guys catch up on what’s been going on this week. Chris tells us he’s been using Jumpstart in rebuilding Hatchbox this week. Andrew has been on PTO all week, so he’s been chilling, cleaning, and in the middle of refactoring. Jason tells us about a call he got from someone who had signed up for HopeGrid.
[00:07:22] Jonas tells us about himself and what Matestack is. [00:10:38] Find out how Matestack is different from View Component or a traditional kind of component type gem. [00:12:34] Jonas explains what the Component UI’s written in Ruby look like.
[00:15:09] Chris asks Jonas if the responses are rendered in the JavaScript or is it actually making an Ajax request to render. Jonas explains two of the three layers of Matestack.
[00:19:55] Andrew asks if Vue.js is required to use Matestack or if it’s an option.
[00:23:15] Andrew makes a point to say that the docs are pretty comprehensive and Jonas has a really nice marketing site and it looks like he is trying to monetize this in a way he hasn’t seen a lot of people monetize open source before so he talks about it.
[00:28:33] Jonas tells us why someone should use Matestack and all about testing.
[00:37:22] Chris asks Jonas if he has a roadmap of things that he would like to have done that people can poke around through to see if they can find something to contribute and get involved. Also, Chris wonders if he has a Discord or anything for people to hang out in, and Jonas explains. Andrew talks about his success with Discord.
[00:42:34] Jonas teases the third layer of Matestack and Chris asks Jonas if there are helper things to help debug when he wrote Ruby, but JavaScript broke.
[00:46:22] Speaking of errors that can happen, Jason tells us a great way to find these Ruby and JavaScript errors in your application. Also, we find out where to find Jonas online.
Panelists:Jason CharnesAndrew MasonChris Oliver
Guest:Jonas Jabari
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