#256: NFL Training Secrets with NY Giants Strength Coach, Aaron Wellman


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How would you like to be lean, muscular, strong and athletic like an NFL player? Maybe you weren’t blessed with the athleticism to ever make it to the pros but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like one!

If you want to know the secrets to getting jacked like an NFL player don’t miss this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast with NY Giants Strength Coach, Aaron Wellman.

Aaron is in his third season with the Giants following a 20 year career coaching at the Division I collegiate level. He has helped thousands of players get jacked, strong and ready for battle on the gridiron.

His training philosophies have been a game changer for the Giants as they have seen a substantial decrease in the number of season-ending injuries since Aaron’s arrival.

As the Giants set their sights on becoming Super Bowl Champions, Aaron’s coaching has played a pivotal role in preparing for the 2018 season. If you’re ready to get your physique in championship form listen as we discuss:

  • What was Aaron’s path to becoming the head Strength Coach of the New York Giants? [4:45]
  • How does being a strength coach to college athletes differ from coaching NFL players? [6:00]
  • What changes has he seen in the recruiting process since his time coaching at the collegiate level? (7:18)
  • How being an under sized kid with a passion for football led Aaron to weight training. [8:38]
  • When did he know this was his path in life? [10:30]
  • What and who were his biggest influences and best resources growing up? (12:07)
  • How has his training evolved and would he do anything differently as a coach if he could go back in time? [13:50]
  • The schedule for the Giants’ offseason program and why Aaron programs it the way he does. [15:36]
  • What does an eccentric workout look like? (19:50)
  • How he programs running intervals and rest periods. [23:36]
  • What does an upper body workout look like for his athletes? [25:51]
  • What exercises does he prescribe to keep his players mobile and built for longevity? [28:17]
  • How does the training change and how does he help players recover during a grueling season?[31:15]
  • The importance of nutrition and keeping the athletes fueled properly. [36:22]
  • How Aaron gets his athletes to buy in to his training programs and why football is a relationship business. [38:07]
  • What books does he recommend? [40:13]
  • What does his training and nutrition protocol look like now? [41:37]

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