#257: How to Find Your Identity and Be a Better Leader with Shannon Graham


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Do you ever put much thought or consideration into your own identity, into who you are at your core? If not, it’s likely you’re not achieving the level of success you’re capable of in all areas of life.

How you see yourself directly influences your behavior, the actions you take and the results you get.

It affects what you think is possible for you to achieve in life. So not only does it influence whether you’ll achieve your goals or not, but identity can determine if you ever have any big dreams and goals to start with.

For 15 years Shannon Graham has been helping people discover their identity, become better leaders and achieve what they once thought was impossible. He is a pioneer of the self-help and coaching industry, a premier motivational speaker who has been featured all over the world and the author of popular books such as “The Revolution of Self: 3 Keys to Personal Liberation” and his latest, “Expand: Leadership that Moves, Fulfills and Changes the World.”

Identifying who you are and who you want to be is a critical first step to living the life you want to live. To learn how, listen as we discuss:

  • How discovering a Tony Robbins CD set when he was young helped set the course of his life. [6:21]
  • What is the gap between having knowledge and being successful? [9:26]
  • Does your identity drive your behavior? [11:26]
  • How starting conversations with strangers and Craig’s List helped him land his first client. [15:15]
  • What was Shannon’s biggest challenge early in his career? [19:36]
  • Why people either HAVE a gift or they ARE a gift and how it relates to scaling a business. [21:21]
  • What were his biggest influences and how was he able to expand his business? [28:46]
  • How to find your magic and why your greatest accolades are the results you produce. [30:41]
  • What are the biggest obstacles holding people back? [33:48]
  • Are most people unaware of what they’re actually capable of? [37:13]
  • How understanding the power of decision and the concept of quitting “cold turkey” can change your life. [40:54]
  • How your identity determines your habits. [44:40]
  • Why wanting something is NEVER enough. [46:66]
  • Do you make things more difficult than they really are? [50:39]
  • What is the idea behind his new book, “Expand: Leadership that Move, Fulfills and Changes the World”? [57:21]
  • Action steps you can take now to be a better leader today. [1:02:16]
  • What can people do now to become better decision makers? [1:07:05]

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