#265: How to Get Big & Strong on a Keto Diet with Strength Specialist, Danny Vega


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You can’t get jacked and strong while you’re on a ketogenic diet, right? Think again.

Danny Vega, my guest in this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast, is a huge proponent of keto diets and he’s one of the strongest, most jacked dudes in the fitness industry. As a 220-pound raw powerlifter he has put up a 640 lb. squat, a 400 lb. bench press, and a 700 lb. deadlift.

A former college football player, Danny began training to improve his performance on the field and he became obsessed with health and fitness. He received his Master’s of Science in Human Performance from the University of Florida and went on to work with the university’s men’s basketball national championship team as a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Today he coaches everyone from the average Joe to high school and collegiate athletes, pro boxers, and powerlifters. Through his blog and podcast, The Ketogenic Athlete, he helps people understand how to use keto diets to improve their performance, lift more weight and get in the best shape of their lives.

Whether you’re interested in learning how to optimize a keto diet, or you just want to know how to train to get big and strong, you’ll find it in this episode. Listen as we discuss:

  • The moment he decided to switch gears and go from player to coach. [6:26]
  • Where does Danny’s passion for health and fitness come from? [13:01]
  • How his training has evolved and why he was determined to get back to being JACKED. [14:01]
  • Why is conditioning and a good aerobic base important even if you only care about being big and strong? [15:36]
  • Why he decided to go keto and the do’s and don’ts of the ketogenic diet. [16:46]
  • What are the optimal levels for the average person who wants to be in ketosis? [32:11]
  • Can you build muscle on the keto diet? [38:26]
  • How to be on a keto diet AND still get a sick pump. [40:40]
  • What does he consume on daily basis to stay optimized? [49:06]
  • Does he notice cognitive benefits with any supplements? [51:21]
  • Busting the myths: Eat right after training or wait? [53:59]
  • What has Danny learned about training and nutrition since working with IFBB Pro, Ben Pakulski? [57:06]

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