#267: How to Attract More Customers and Expand Your Influence with PR Expert, Heather DeSantis


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Every business owner wants to attract more customers and make more money. But with so many businesses angling to be heard how can you ensure your product or service will be seen by more people?

In this episode of Renegade Radio with Public Relations expert, Heather DeSantis you’ll learn why PR is one of the fastest ways to grow your business in today’s content rich world.

Listen as we discuss:

  • The evolution of her Public Relations journey. [8:04]
  • Venturing out on her own; how to know when it’s time to leave the party. [11:48]
  • Why drawing a line in the sand led to the birth of Publicity for Good. [14:54]
  • What makes someone good at PR? [17:18]
  • Is social media the new way to promote yourself? [22:44]
  • The most common mistakes she sees people make with their own publicity. [23:42]
  • What are best practices for blogging and social media in 2018? [24:59]
  • Is blogging still relevant and important? [26:54]
  • Steps to get a segment on local news or TV. [31:24]
  • Do online influencers need PR? [32:34]
  • How does someone find their purpose? [34:12]
  • Why you need to BE the product and how to do it. [35:22]
  • How to attract and cater to customers by their age group. [38:34]
  • How important is teamwork for building a successful business? [44:28]
  • Tips to retain clients and maintain relationships. [46:10]
  • What to look for and what to avoid when hiring a PR company. [49:22]
  • What can you expect if you work with Heather? [50:58]

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