#282: Strong Mind, Strong Body & Strong Coffee with Adam Von Rothfelder


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Do you like the NBC show, Strong?

If so, you’re going to love this episode with Adam Von Rothfelder.

A fitness coach of some of the country’s most elite CEO’s and Executives, Adam was featured on Strong as one of America’s Top 10 Trainers.

He is also a former MMA fighter, successful gym owner, fitness model and the Founder and CEO of Strong Coffee Company.

In this episode I sat down with Adam, and previous guest on Renegade Radio, Kenny Santucci of Solace New York, to discuss training, nutrition, overcoming adversity, the power of coffee, marijuana, success and life.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Why action film stars, the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” and getting picked on inspired him to start training. [7:55]
  • How the loss of his older brother sparked his career in MMA. [11:16]
  • How did he know about training with the “Russian Dumbbell” (AKA Kettlebell) before they were a thing? [24:06]
  • How he got on the reality TV show “Strong”, the strange process involved and a behind the scenes look at his experience. [27:56]
  • What is his fitness philosophy and what kind of programming does he prescribe? [43:19]
  • Fit is Fit – Why you should remember you don’t always have to lift weights to get some exercise. [54:29]
  • The guys discuss the stigma surrounding cannabis and other controlled substances. [1:04:29]
  • What does his nutrition look like? [1:10:14]
  • Adam explains Strong Coffee Company, the problem with coffee & chaperoning caffeine the proper way. [1:12:57]
  • Why do the people you surround yourself with make such a huge difference in your own life? [1:25:10]

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