#303: How to Optimize Your Hormones and Maximize Your Sleep with Dr. Kirk Parsley


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This episode includes the deepest dive on hormone optimization and HRT that we've ever had on Renegade Radio. So, it will be of extreme interest to all men over 35, and especially those over 40.

Find out everything you can and should be doing to get your testosterone and other hormones to optimal levels. And why NOT doing that could lead to all kinds of health problems.

We also go into great detail on everything you should be doing to maximize your sleep so that you can always perform at the highest level.

After retiring from active duty as a U.S. Navy SEAL, Dr. Kirk Parsley began treating his fellow servicemen. In time he noticed a direct correlation between his patients’ sub-optimal hormone levels and poor sleep habits. He helped them experience phenomenal results by addressing both issues.

He became Naval Special Warfare’s expert on Sleep Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He invented Sleep Remedy, a dietary supplement designed to help people overcome the most common nutritional deficiencies that can interfere with deep, restorative sleep. Dr. Parsley is also certified in hormone modulation, consults for multiple corporations and professional athletes and teams, and lectures all over the world on sleep, wellness, and hormone optimization.

This episode will not only teach you the importance of optimizing your hormones and sleep, but it also gives you actionable tips to help you do both.

Note: When Dr. Parsley refers to “sub q” injections, this means subcutaneous.

Listen as we discuss:

  • How he became a U.S. Navy SEAL and found his way into med school even though he was a terrible student. [7:06]

  • How the secrets his fellow SEALS kept from their doctors led him to specialize in sleep and hormone optimization. [17:18]

  • What led to the “light bulb” moment when he realized sleep was the key to optimal health and performance? [21:50]

  • How often should guys in their 40’s have their bloodwork done? [31:18]

  • What are the most important blood tests for guys in their 40’s and beyond? [35:38]

  • Does low testosterone double your risk of disease and death? [46:31]

  • Testosterone causes prostate cancer, right? Think again… [47:12]

  • What is the ideal test level for a man? [48:55]

  • The optimal frequency for HRT and why intramuscular injections aren’t the most effective way to take it. [53:23]

  • The scary truth about surgery when you’re 40 or older and how Kirk helps patients recover much faster. [59:53]

  • Effective ways to recover from a concussion. [1:09:42]

  • Symptoms of low testosterone and the MOST effective thing you can do to fix it. [1:17:46]

  • Is the correlation between testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction misunderstood? [1:26:08]

  • The devastating consequences of just ONE night without enough sleep. [1:29:36]

  • Why optimal hormone levels are as beneficial to your brain as they are to your body. [1:39:30]

  • His top tips for improving your sleep tonight. [1:45:54]

  • Is there an optimal time of day to train to optimize performance and sleep? [1:59:50]

  • What is Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy? [2:04:03]

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