#171: How to Have More Energy, Increased Focus & Better Sex

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My guest on this episode is Executive wellness coach Anthony DiClementi. He’s the author of The Biohackers guide to upgraded energy and focus.

Anthony is gonna share his story with you today about how doing “what you’re supposed to do” and following most mainstream fitness advice completely ruined his body and his health. Then he’ll explain how he healed himself and got jacked, ripped, focused, happy and healthy.

We’ll talk about the biggest mistakes most people make when it comes to training and nutrition. Anthony will also share some of his best tips on improving sleep, reducing inflammation, increasing focus and cognitive function and reducing stress.

Other topics include:

  • The dangers of low carb diets.
  • Benefits of low intensity cardio.
  • The Big 4 toxins you need to avoid.
  • The downside of high intensity training.
  • Should you lift explosively? The shocking truth.
  • How your workouts can wreck your metabolism.
  • How mitochondrial dysfunction can kill your energy levels.
  • The benefits of trading in your barbells for bodyweight.
  • Sleep biohacks that can dramatically improve the quantity and quality of your sleep.

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