#263: How to Improve Your Quality of Sleep and Create Simple Habits for Success with James Swanwick


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Are you consistently getting enough deep, restful sleep?

If not, the bad news is you are nowhere near as healthy, happy and successful as you could be. The good news is, there are simple and effective ways to improve your sleep and episode 263 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast with James Swanwick will show you how.

James is an entrepreneur and online marketer. He is also the creator and co-founder of Swanwick Sleep, a company that makes stylish blue light blocking glasses. His products help people avoid the harmful effects of exposure to blue light and improves their quality of sleep.

If you want to know how to get more quality sleep and build habits that lead to success listen as we discuss:

  • How he was able to interview movie stars within 3 months of arriving in America. [8:29]
  • How two 30-day challenges helped James look, feel and perform better. [14:19]
  • Why having the courage to ask for a 2nd chance helped him become a SportsCenter Anchor. [17:29]
  • Why did James decide to leave ESPN to become an entrepreneur? [23:51]
  • How a 10-day silent meditation and a mentorship with Tai Lopez helped launch his career. [27:42]
  • Will hiring coaches and mentors help you become more successful? [31:04]
  • Is changing your mindset the key to becoming a better salesperson? [35:48]
  • How dinner with a friend and a pair of ugly glasses inspired him to start Swanwick Sleep. [44:14]
  • What led to the rapid growth of his business? [48:57]
  • The “Gold Standard” of tips to improve your sleep. [51:02]
  • What are the negative health effects of staring at screens all day without blue light blocking glasses? [57:04]
  • How to simplify your habits and goals to become more successful. [58:49]
  • Tips for creating a game changing morning routine. [1:01:10]
  • How to use “Impossible Deadlines” to increase your productivity. [1:04:19]
  • Challenges he has faced recently and how he overcame them. [1:11:08]
  • The two big shifts in mindset that can improve your people skills and make you better at building relationships. [1:16:09]

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