#274: Doing the IMPOSSIBLE with Joel Runyon


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“You can’t do that. It’s impossible.”

If ever in your life you’ve strived to do something great, cool, unique, challenging and awesome, you’ve probably heard this phrase in one form or another.

But achieving greatness, or doing anything worthwhile, often requires doing things that average people say is impossible. And, perhaps more than anyone else in the world, Joel Runyon believes you CAN do the “impossible”.

Joel is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE, a company dedicated to helping people push their limits and do impossible things. He is also the CEO of Paleo Meals LLC., and an ultra-marathon runner.

The guys practices what he preaches. In 2017 he did what most people would say is impossible when he became the youngest person in the world to complete 7 ultra-marathons on 7 different continents.

If you feel like you’re meant to do something more, and you’re ready to stop letting self-limiting beliefs define what’s possible for you, listen as we discuss:

  • What is “The Impossible List” and how did it start? [4:19]
  • Why he decided to be the author of his own story and do something worth living. [8:51]
  • The origin of the Ultimate Paleo Guide: Meal planning service meets Blue Apron. [13:16]
  • Why he eats based on his current goals. [17:43]
  • The rise of Impossible HQ and the birth of the “7x7 Project”. [19:56]
  • Why is it important for people to ‘‘do something impossible’’? [27:57]
  • What you can do today to get out of your comfort zone! [37:27]
  • What’s the next big thing on his Impossible List? [42:35]
  • How can creating your own Impossible List bleed into your personal/business life? [45:16]
  • What is his current focus and goal? [48:35]
  • Business tips for success that you can implement TODAY. [51:11]
  • What does he do for recovery on a daily basis? [56:12]
  • What are his thoughts on supplements? [1:00:13]

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