#276: The Body Coach, Joe Wicks: How to Get Lean in 15


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Joe Wicks is a man on a mission.

Growing tired of seeing people struggle following the advice of an awful dieting industry, he decided to take action.

He created a plan to educate people on how to correctly use food and exercise to build strong, lean and healthy bodies.

Known as “The Body Coach,” he has helped over 100,000 clients transform their physiques and change their lives. He has sold almost 3 million copies of his books, including the best-selling diet book of all-time, “Lean in 15 – The Shift Plan: 15 Minute Meals and Workouts to Keep You Lean and Healthy.”

In this episode Joe explains the mistakes people make with training and nutrition that keep them from getting results. We discuss his 90 Day Plans and how he helps people get in shape with shorter workouts and simplified nutrition. He provides awesome advice for people who want to build an online training business, explains how to achieve work/life balance, how to build your presence on social media, and so much more. Listen as we discuss:

  • When did he first get into health/fitness? [7:13]
  • Why his passion for training was sparked by his desire to not be called “skinny”. [9:35]
  • Where/how did he learn the skills to start his own business? [10:46]
  • What is Joe’s mindset surrounding nutrition? [12:00]
  • Why repetition and keeping things simple were important for starting his business. [12:57]
  • Can you get strong and lean with 15-minute workouts? [17:47]
  • The right idea at the right time – how his purpose has driven his life and led to success. [18:46]
  • How are his workouts programmed and what nutritional guidelines does he recommend? [21:05]
  • How many days per week does he have his clients train? [25:09]
  • The POWER of nutrition and loving the process of cooking your own food. [26:58]
  • Does he take the 80/20 approach to his whole life? [28:48]
  • Attention Trainers – The step-by-step process he used to take his business online. [31:06]
  • What lessons has he learned throughout his journey? [37:03]
  • Want to have a healthy work/life balance? Here’s how Joe does it. [39:18]
  • What does his morning routine look like? [41:32]
  • How to gain your own social media presence and stand out in a sea of copycats. [42:08]
  • What are his favorite books? [45:33]
  • What’s next for Joe? [46:17]

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