#288: Are You Doing Too Much Volume? Optimal Frequency, Best Exercises for Abs & Traps


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Over the last few years you may have heard some relatively new (less than 10 years of real world experience) trainers and online fitness guru's regurgitate the following statement, "volume is the key driver of hypertrophy gains."

That statement is continually made these days because of some studies showing that those who did more sets gained more muscle. But it's hardly conclusive and hardly the advice that everyone should adhere to. If you lack the requisite 10-25 years of real world coaching experience that it takes to wade through all this stuff, you just go with whatever's popular at the moment.

The first thing I do with anyone who isn't making gains is to cut their volume down drastically. Whenever you do that you almost always see gains in size, strength and power. You also feel better and your joints hurt less.

So, in this episode, we'll get into the real deal on training volume and a bunch of other stuff including:

  • Is there any value in doing complexes?
  • How to add 100lbs to your squat in 12 weeks.
  • Massive gains with only 1-3 sets?
  • Best way to get rid of belly fat?
  • Leg training for athletes who play/practice 3x per week.
  • Tracking sleep and HRV.
  • Safely loading and picking up weights.
  • Stuff I use in the gym.
  • How to engage the back and not the biceps.
  • Best workout split for men over 40?
  • How to build bigger traps.
  • How much frequency is too much?
  • Best ab exercises.
  • Neck and grip training tips.

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