#296: Using FEAR to Fuel Your Success with Akshay Nanavati


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Akshay Nanavati is a U.S. Marine veteran, speaker, entrepreneur, author and ultra runner.

He has overcome many of life’s most difficult challenges by discovering that adversity is one of our greatest gifts and a necessary access point to reach the next stage of our personal evolution.

He developed FEARVANA to teach people to find bliss through engaging in fear and pursuing their “worthy struggles”. He also wrote the amazing book, “FEARVANA: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth and Happiness.”

If fear and adversity are keeping you from having and being what you want in life, take the first step to overcome it and listen as we discuss:

  • His journey to “FEARVANA” and path to finding beauty in adversity. [3:48]
  • How was he able to turn his guilt into an ally? [17:15]
  • Steps you can take to let go of your fear. [21:14]
  • When was the ultra-running seed planted in him? [24:31]
  • How running has become “fuel for service”. [26:06]
  • Why committing to recovery has transformed his running: His nutrition, recovery methods, shoes used & MORE. [28:31]
  • The value in embracing stillness. [37:04]
  • His vision for the FEARVANA movement: Why you MUST follow your “worthy struggle”. [41:03]
  • The importance of playing the long game and building relationships. [42:37]
  • What does his morning routine consist of? [47:28]
  • Why you must ENJOY the process, rather than focus on the end result. [49:58]
  • The fundamental habits all humans should have. [52:40]
  • What adventures does he have planned? [55:53]

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