#297: The Best Training Program For Muscle and Strength Gains


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I'm back from some recent travels with another solo Q&A episode. I start by sharing my thoughts on the end of Game of Thrones, Sorinex Summer Strong, old school kicks, wasting money and more. I also discuss my good friend, WWE Women's Champion, Becky Lynch.

Then we get into your questions including:

What is your favorite training program (sets/reps) for hypertrophy?

Best way you calculate macros needed for clients

How do you get started in the fitness industry?

What's the best bodyweight program for building muscle?

My take on 24 hour fasts.

My favorite LL Cool J song?

My take on the Carnivore Diet?

Is a bodypart split good for building muscle?

Best exercises to keep your athleticism as you age?

What's my drink of choice?

What are crawling movements good for and who should do them?

How to pick the right workout program?

How to set up two weekly leg workouts for strength and mass?

Does one ever stop feeling small?

What are the characteristics and personality traits that I admire and look for in a friend?

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