#311: How to Instantly Improve Your Breathing, Mobility, and Anxiety with Dana Santas


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Known as the “Mobility Maker,” Dana Santas is a breathing, mobility and mind-body coach in professional sports, health & wellness expert for CNN, best-selling author of the book “Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief” and international presenter on ways to breathe, move and feel better inside our bodies and minds for performance enhancement and healthier, happier living.

Listen as we discuss:

  • How she became the “Mobility Maker”. [2:28]
  • Who were the first players and teams she worked with? [19:14]
  • Why she decided to leave a massively successful corporate career to do the work she loves. [21:00]
  • Steps you can take today if you’re not fulfilled and want to change your life. [34:19]
  • How was she able to overcome limiting self-beliefs? [36:34]
  • How to recognize breathing as a movement pattern. [38:51]
  • How long does it take to build a proper breathing pattern? [49:06]
  • How to fix the cascade of muscle dysfunction by proper breathing. [52:21]
  • Understanding the mechanics of her ‘building a bridge’ breathing pattern. [53:54]
  • Why she is triggered by the concept of ‘belly breathing’. [55:48]
  • The importance of breathing post workout. [59:24]
  • Why your sh*tty breathing pattern may be contributing to impingements down the chain. [1:01:29]

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