#313: Maximize Your Body and Life with Bobby Maximus


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A lot of people say they don’t want to be average but it’s a rare breed of man that lives their life like it’s their mission to destroy mediocrity.

Bobby Maximus, my guest in this episode of Renegade Radio, is one of the few.

He’s a former police officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor. He has competed in the UFC, won submission of the night at Ultimate Fight Night 5, starred on Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter Series, and was the Ring of Fire light-heavyweight champion.

He has also served as General Manager at Gym Jones, an elite strength and conditioning facility in Salt Lake City, UT and went on to create a world-class brand and gym of his own.

His “Maximus” family of brands is a rising force in the world of fitness and exercise and his book “Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength and Makes You Unstoppably Fit,” is one of the most popular exercise books in existence.

If you want to take your training, nutrition, and life to the next level, listen as we discuss:

  • The health scare that shook his life to its core. [5:52]
  • What has the recovery been like? [11:05]
  • Why he doesn’t believe in eating “cheat meals”. [18:43]
  • The Art of Being Bobby Maximus: the work you don’t see behind the curtain. [20:29]
  • How he trains for athletic performance. [30:17]
  • Why you should NEVER be a slave to a number. [33:37]
  • What training program would he prescribe for the ultimate beginner? Average joe in his 40’s? [38:10]
  • Why he doesn’t believe in rest days. [42:53]
  • Don’t downgrade intensity first, upgrade recovery first! [44:12]
  • How you can be tough without being an asshole. [47:39]
  • His take on our current culture’s sensitivity level and being easily offended. [52:13]
  • How did he get into the UFC? [55:24]
  • The importance of training your mental performance and create lifelong habits. [1:02:45]
  • What is the Maximus Body? [1:05:58]
  • The evolution of “powers” and coming into his own. [1:11:16]

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