EP181 The Pro's & Pitfalls of Mobile Home Park Investing with Kevin Bupp


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Today we're going to talk about Mobile Home Park Investing with a renowned expert on the subject. Many of you know Kevin Bupp from his popular podcast "Real Estate Investing For Cashflow". Kevin is a serial entrepreneur with over $100 Million in transactions, including apartments, single family homes, office buildings, raw land, condos, and his favorite, mobile home parks.

Today Kevin is going to tell us how a lunch meeting turned him into a Mobile Home Park Investor, how this asset class compares to apartment investing, why cities and municipalities are zoning these parks out of existence, and what you're really investing in when you buy one of these communities.

Kevin will also share his tips on working with the homeowners and residents of these parks, the criteria he uses when conducting due diligence on an investment opportunity, and how to avoid the pitfalls that can cost investors a lot of money. Kevin shares a scary story about a very lucrative-seeming investment that went wrong because the utilities needed replacing.

Kevin also teaches his methods to Mobile Home Park Investors across the country, and you can learn more by going to his websites:



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