EP270 Syndication and Asset Management Tips & Techniques with Jeff Greenberg


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My guest today spent 20 years working as a teacher, 9 years working for various government agencies, and 17 years in Information Technology. But he left all that behind when he began investing in real estate.

Jeff Greenberg is now an experienced Syndicator and Asset Manager with over 12 years of experience in commercial real estate. He currently controls over 1,000 units with a value over $40 Million, including 300 student housing beds.

Today Jeff is going to discuss how a seasoned syndicator raises money from investors. Jeff will share case studies from his first 20 unit in Texas and the mistakes he made in his projections. We’ll also discuss Student Housing, the importance of Broker and Lender Relationships, Flood Zones and Flood Insurance, How to raise your NOI by creating a RUBS system, Structuring a Fund, and Jeff’s outlook on the multifamily sector.

Jeff shares a lot of great insight and experience in this episode. If you’ve ever considered syndication, or passive investing, this is a ‘must listen’. You can contact Jeff through his website or email:



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