EP183 The Teacher who Transitioned into Multifamily and raised over $10 Million from Private Investors with Todd Dexheimer


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Todd Dexheimer is a former teacher who has been investing in real estate since 2008. He's accomplished over 200 flips and currently controls over $15 million in Apartments and Multifamily.

Today, Todd is going to share how he's managed to grow his portfolio so quickly, and what he's done to raise over $10 million in private equity.

Todd is also the host of the "Pillars of Wealth Creation" Podcast where he interviews successful business leaders. He's also the principal owner of Venture D Properties which syndicates Apartment Opportunities in emerging markets around the country.

Todd and I will discuss how he scaled his business from Single-Family to Apartments, investing in markets outside your backyard, the importance of realistically budgeting for Cap Ex improvements, and the mentors and books that have helped him achieve his success.

There's a lot of great insight and information packed into this episode. You can contact Todd through the following websites:



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