EP203 The Tax-Advantaged Way to Loan Yourself Money and Be The Bank for Real Estate Acquisitions with Mark Willis


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Today's guest is going to help us rethink debt. Specifically the type of debt we might put on a Real Estate Investment. Instead of going to a traditional bank or lender, did you know that there is a Tax-Advantaged way to loan that money to yourself?

Mark Willis is going to explain how this is possible through a Super-Charged, Modernized, and Maximized Whole Life Insurance Policy. Mark is a certified financial planner, two-time best-selling author, and owner of Lake Growth Financial Services. He also hosts the "Not Your Average Financial Podcast" and helps his clients invest in real estate without going broke while creating retirement income that they won't outlive.

Mark will be pushing back on the conventional wisdom regarding whole life insurance v.s. term life insurance, and explain how a whole life insurance policy, properly set up, can be used to loan money toward your investments. He'll also discuss the tax benefits and the returns you can expect.

Since this is a new concept to me as well, I do my best to ask Mark a lot of detailed questions about how Whole-Life Insurance Lending really works. If you're looking for more tax-advantaged ways to lend yourself money and fund your deals, then this is definitely an episode you won't want to miss.

Mark can be contacted through his website www.growmorewealth.com

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