EP247 How His Shared Residence Model Nets over $1,000 a Month per Property with Ron Thomas


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You may remember a podcast conversation I had with UK investor Susannah Cole several months ago where she shared the HMO concept – Homes of Multiple Occupancy. This is somewhat unique in the United States, but very prevalent in the UK, and it basically is a co-living situation where professionals rent out rooms in a shared house. I wasn’t really aware of this concept in the U.S. outside student housing, group homes and boarding houses, but apparently my guest today has been quite successful at it.

Shortly after Susannah’s episode aired I was contacted by Ron Thomas, an investor out of Albuquerque, New Mexico who has not only developed this model for his real estate business, but claims it works better than any other real estate strategy he’s tried.

Ron has been developing and perfecting his sytems for Shared Residence since 2009, and teaches his model to other local real estate investors. Today he’s going to explain how it works and how he’s averaging $1,000 net per property. We’ll also discuss the type of home that works best for this strategy, how Ron markets to his residents, and some creative financing strategies that can keep the acquisition cost reasonable.

Ron has a lot of great wisdom to share in this episode that every level of investor will benefit from. You can find out more about Ron and his training by going to https://courses.shared-residence.com

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