173 - What You Leave Behind (7x25)


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A grand finale requires the grandest of episodes. And here it is, finally! After a 4-year journey, we’ve arrived at the thing that listeners almost certainly want: a nearly-five-hour-long, in-depth, off-the-wall discussion with a dog snoring in the background. If you’re a long-time listener, YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING. We get into the nitty-gritty of the end of the Dominion War, the tragic (and not-so-tragic) death of multiple characters, the Bajoran fire caves, and so so so so so much more. And of COURSE there are detours to talk about things like Mortal Kombat, Spider-Man movies, and all the hallmarks of these three Trek fans who can’t stay on topic. It’s our final regular episode, and of course we have a LOT to get off our chests. And stay tuned to the end as we have a big discussion about series finales – which ones we like, which ones we don’t, and how What You Leave Behind stacks up. You’ll also find a whopping 8 new musical compositions (and more old ones) spread throughout the episode. 3 years from now, when you’re done listening to the episode in its entirety, you’ll be crying to yourself “WHY RTW! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO!” Well don’t worry, we’ll be back soon with some mailbag episodes and a big old retrospective about DS9 and about our experience on the podcast. And stay subscribed for random bonus episodes when you least expect them. What we leave behind is a weird podcast that changed our lives, and hopefully those of our listeners, for the better.

Lastly, we dedicate this, our finale, to one of our favorite Ferengis, Aron Eisenberg. May he rest in peace.

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