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Teresa Sansone Ferguson built a career in marketing and public relations while working at state associations, technology consulting firms and law firms. She also worked at KUT public radio in Austin for more than 20 years, where she produced and hosted KUT's Femme FM (a music show featuring female artists) and the Austin Music Minute. Teresa now serves as executive director of non-profit organization AustinUP , which was formed as a result of the Mayor's Task Force on Aging – based on the fact that the Austin area has one of the nation’s fastest-growing populations of older adults. AustinUP works with local and regional business and civic leaders, entrepreneurs, non-profit service organizations, boomers, seniors and caregivers on issues related to the future of aging in Austin. Marc is asking for your financial support for the Repurpose Your Career podcast. Please donate at Glow.fm/repurposeyourcareer to support this Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

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Now on to the podcast...

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AustinUp is a 501(c)3 that was formed as the result of the Austin mayor's task force on aging in 2010 after it was discovered that Austin had one of the fastest-growing populations of older adults.

Jobs for older adults were identified as a key component. Older adults are typically over 50 years of age but increasingly agism is creeping into younger age groups.

Employer expectations - Home healthcare and call centers want over 50+ workers.

Austin is #6 on the baby chaser index.

AustinUP still working on the diversity of employers.

The types of people who come to the 50+ job fairs:

  • There are those that are just curious
  • Those that tried going on their own but are now applying at Home Depot
  • Those that want a flexible work schedule where they can take time off to travel
  • Unfocused job seekers who have a wide variety of skills
  • The online job seekers who have looked online unsuccessfully

Businesses in Lakeway are starting and closing due to so few candidates.

Working in retail can be a good choice if you are looking for flexibility.

High tech and manufacturing have not caught on. Caroline Valentine of Valentine HR said that high tech is the diehard and Teresa is working to get them to see the light.

The message is not to hire older workers but conveying the importance of creating a multi-generational workplace.

Volunteering is a great way to develop new skills and a great networking opportunity to learn a new community.

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