Genitourinary Cancers | Matthew R Smith, MD, PhD


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Consensus or Controversy? Clinical Investigators Provide Perspectives on the Current and Future Management of Prostate Cancer — Part 2: Our one-on-one interview with Dr Smith featuring emerging research and cases from his practice.

  • Recent advances in the treatment of nonmetastatic CRPC (00:00)
  • Effect of PSA doubling time on prognosis for patients with nonmetastatic disease (3:01)
  • PSA doubling time and clinical decision-making for patients with M0 disease (7:59)
  • Counseling patients with nonmetastatic disease about goals of therapy and expected side effects (10:26)
  • Similarities and differences in the design, entry criteria and efficacy endpoints among the ARAMIS, SPARTAN and PROSPER trials (13:25)
  • Comparison of the side-effect profiles of apalutamide, enzalutamide and darolutamide (15:35)
  • Counseling patients receiving long-term ADT about treatment-related fatigue (18:35)
  • Comparison of primary (metastasis-free survival) and secondary outcomes among the ARAMIS, SPARTAN and PROSPER trials (20:32)
  • Choosing among darolutamide, apalutamide and enzalutamide (22:45)
  • SPARTAN trial: PFS2 improvement with apalutamide for high-risk nonmetastatic CRPC (24:42)
  • Outcomes, tolerability and appropriate use of abiraterone in combination with prednisone (26:27)
  • Similarities and differences in the design, entry criteria and efficacy endpoints between the LATITUDE (ADT with abiraterone/prednisone or placebo) and ARCHES (ADT with enzalutamide or placebo) trials for patients with metastatic HSPC (29:46)
  • Key clinical and practical factors guiding the selection of docetaxel versus abiraterone/prednisone for metastatic HSPC (35:39)
  • Perspective on the intensification of therapy for patients with metastatic HSPC and suboptimal responses to ADT (39:08)
  • Spectrum and frequency of somatic and germline DNA repair gene mutations in prostate cancer; activity of PARP inhibitors in patients with metastatic CRPC (40:57)
  • Incidence of MSI-H/dMMR molecular phenotype in patients with prostate cancer; indications for testing and current role of immune checkpoint inhibitors (46:37)
  • Results of a Phase II prospective trial of lutetium-177-PSMA-617 theranostics in metastatic CRPC (50:42)
  • Novel immune checkpoint inhibitor-based combinations for metastatic CRPC (56:08)

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