012 - User Testing w/ Geoffrey Skow - FishbowlVR

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User Testing w/ Geoffrey Skow - FishbowlVR

Hello and welcome to episode number 11 of ResearchVR podcast! Where we dig deep into Virtual Reality with Cognitive Science and Economic Research.

For those of you joining us for the first time, ResearchVR is a weekly podcast dedicated to breaking down years of Virtual Reality Research into a digestible form, and discussing the current economic trends of the industry around the world.

In today’s episode: we’re discussing with Geoffrey Skow from Fishbowl VR what can we expect from the first wave of consumer VR content.

Fishbowl is on demand play testing and analytics platform for VR developers, with hundreds of developers registered as testers.

Here are some key thoughts mentioned in the podcast:

A story of Geoffrey and VR

  • Geoffrey has been interested in VR for over 20 years now.
  • Instead of being a a developer himself, Geoffrey is advocating usability and testing.

Usability methods

  • for the most part, Fishbowl VR uses unmoderated testing in home environment, expecting users to use it as they normaly would without any specific instructions.
  • output: record their natural experience + narration via webcam + what they see in VR
  • usually, there is no need for much of the narration - usually pointing out the unfullfied expectations and confusing moments is sufficient

What is Fishbowl doing on their side of the testing process? Fishbowl VR is a middleman

  1. make demo available to panel of testers
  2. combine all data into dashboard - videos, scores, demographic data

Thanks everyone for tuning in to another episode of ResearchVR. Hope you enjoyed listening to it and learned something new. Thanks to Geoffrey Skow, Fishbowl VR for sharing his expertise with us and our listeners

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