How Loeffler Randall stays true to its initial mission after sixteen years in business


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If there’s a theme in the past decade of retail, it’s been the shift online. For most of us, that begs a tough question: how do we stay personal and human-focused when our interactions with customers are mediated through technology? For Loeffler Randall, a family owned and operated fashion brand sold in over 300 retailers worldwide, maintaining genuine relationships means understanding yourself first.

Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jessie Randall has built an amazing brand by staying true to the passion that first drove her to start designing shoes in her Brooklyn apartment. Sixteen years later, she and her teammates are still the primary audience for the product. They know the customer will love something as long as they love it first. This episode digs into the launch of Loeffler Randall’s first retail location, how they connect with their fans, telling the brand story in full 3D, and much, much more.

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