Radio Free South Africa with Schalk and guests Jason Bartlett and Harry Booyens


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On Wednesday 12th February, 2020 at 1900 CT Schalk speaks with Jason Bartlett for an update on his walk and a discussion with Harry Booyens about events in South Africa and how they relate to South Africa. I have not sent an update out as I do not really know what to say. Medically, the second surgery was a success. They freed 2 trapped nerves which were wrapped around themselves and crushed so badly one was almost severed in half. For Mom, the "success" was not so great. The freed nerves are causing incredible pain and she is refusing Morphine as she is terrified of being addicted. When she came out of recovery she was asking what they put in her leg and was begging them to "take it out". She was very frail before the surgeries, but, it was decided that both were urgent and necessary, so we had little choice but to go ahead. Now, it feels to the family that she is falling apart. The Doctors assure us that all will be will given time, but for now, both Mom and myself feel helpless. Mom cries a lot and I am worried as I have never in my 33 years seen her like this. I am hoping that they will transfer her to the same rehab my husband is in after his brain surgery so that they have company and it will ease the strain of visiting two different hospitals every day. As you can see, I am not able to give an upbeat report, and am hoping that things improve enough, soon, so that I can do that.

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