Ep. 130 - Who's worse: Atari or Blizzard?


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Play Destiny 2 with us on Thursdays! Patrons who support us on Patreon.com/respawnaimfire can play along with us on weekly strikes and activities. SAVE THE DATE: November 7th, we attempt the Leviathan raid! 0:25 - Quest Log - Sony: New Official PS5 Announcements, Layoffs 16:08 - Play Time: Destiny 2, Spider-Man, Trover Saves the Universe, Borderlands 3, Beat Saber, Dragon Quest XI 28:16 - Fetch Quests 32:58 - Quest Log - Microsoft: Game Pass & Indies 36:37 - Quest Log - Third Party: More Atari VCS Shenanigans, Industry Standards, Silent Hill Returns 49:45 - Main Quest: Blizzard and China 1:03:33 - Ryan's Subscriber Interrogatives: @dustehill- spoopy games we want to see movies of. 1:07:51 - Game On Game Show If you’d like to ask us a question and/or share your thoughts please contact us @RespawnAimFire or email us at RespawnAimFire@gmail.com.

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