EP13 - Installed Performance of Bathroom Ventilation Fans- how to ensure passing results with Russell Pope from Panasonic


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You may know ventilation fan performance is dependent on several factors, yet some of these factors may surprise you.

In this episode, we speak with Russell Pope, Industry Development Manager for Panasonic and learn the intricacies involved in delivering proper ventilation in a residential setting.

Russell educates us as to the evolution of ventilation fans, including test protocols to insure proper performance of the fan unit itself. We also hear about the differences in the approach to ventilation and filtration outside of the US, as well as what’s happening with kitchen ventilation and the impact of produced sound levels on equipment usage.

He also educates us as to the importance of proper installation, venting, vent terminations and testing to insure installed performance. He notes an important study on vent cap (duct end terminations) performance by David Escatel (Texas A&M) which may be found at link: www.bit.ly/VentPerf

Russell shares with us his background and passion for the work he does which includes a lot of education and training. You can reach Russell at Russell.Pope@us.Panasonic.com

Here are some helpful links that Russell wishes to share:

Daniel Escatel Thesis on Duct End Terminations


Duct Friction Loss Calculator


Home Ventilating Institute Certified Products Directory


Panasonic Ventilation Products –


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