111: Tim Kennedy, Sniper, MMA Fighter & Hunter


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Today I have arguably one of the biggest names to ever guest the Restless Native mic.

Tim Kennedy joins the show in honor of Veteran’s Day.

The Green Beret serves with the Special Forces Group, has been a sniper, sniper instructor, combatives instructor and was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom among other deployments.

Tim also had a 15 year MMA career. Today, among a few other companies, he owns Sheep Dog Response, which teaches tactical training. And relevant to some of you, he’s been a frequent guest of Joe Rogan.

We get in the weeds quick. I’m asking tough questions, such as are we as American civilians getting soft? We talk about this wild year. We get Tim’s take on civil unrest in our country. And we’ll talk about the war on our lifestyle as outdoorsmen and firearms enthusiasts.

It’s a great discussion and a very informed one. Tim is a very well read, cultured, and well traveled person. I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation.

Tim Kennedy on Healthy Hunter

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