82: Scott Ellis, Turkey Caller, TV Show Host & Hunter


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“I want to keep the integrity of the content. I love to tell the story and share the authenticity. It’s about giving information to the viewer so they can learn from it, and so they can be there with you.”

— Scott Ellis, Turkey Caller & Turkey Hunter

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Today’s guest is really well known in the turkey hunting space. He’s one of the more recognized turkey calling competitors. He’s been a grand national Champion multiple times. He has his own TV show. He is sponsored by a lot companies. He has his own app.

But he doesn’t do this for a living.

Scott Ellis is a throw back for some of you who have been listening since the early days. He was my second guest on the show. He and I had a very good conversation last time around the ethics of hunting. And today, we’ll talk about the future of hunting.

Scott talks about the truth behind the curtain of a lot of these TV shows. Not everyone is getting paid $100K by each of their sponsors to travel and hunt. In fact, those instances are few and far between. Striving to be that person is unrealistic, and honestly, I’d rather have Scott’s life.

He’s not enslaved to brands. He only works with the ones he likes and respects. And in everything he does, he’s looking for a way to help people learn and to pass on the hunting lifestyle.


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