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reTHINK OT is an Occupational Therapy Podcast of short audio content to help you to REDEFINE what it is to be an occupational therapy practitioner. At Buffalo Occupational Therapy (outpatient OT clinic) we are #RehabRebels teaching clinicians the FULL scope of occupational therapy practice. OT is science driven, medically-oriented, top-down, and CUTTING EDGE--it's time for therapists to start respecting their own profession and understanding that OTs do the upper body AND the lower body, GAIT analysis, manual therapy, cognition AND muscle imbalance, discharge planning and so much more. Time to speak our truth and reTHINK OT! #rethinkOT #geriatricoccupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapy #buffalooccupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapists #occupationaltherapyassistants

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